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LaunchPad Invents, LLC is the brainchild of two frustrated inventors living in Los Angeles, California who were unable to find the support and financial resources they needed to launch their innovations. We sat down one day and wrote all the benefits we would offer inventors when we were the final decision makers. That relationship has since dissolved but the ideals for the corporation are thriving.

Upon moving to the Midwest and experiencing the great opportunities open to innovators I am once again inspired. There are angel investors and inventor competitions and so many other systems in place to validate what every innovator knows - Hey! This is a good idea and it can make a lot of money!!!

After innumerable trials, errors and do-overs bringing my own products to the marketplace I have realized an innovators greatest asset is their support team. These are the people who stand with you and hold you up when you feel like giving up. Those who stand by you and tell you they believe in your product (they may not believe in you, but people know a good idea when they hear it). People who help you to see your wins when all that's in front of you are the losses. They keep telling you that it is worth all the sacrifices.

We at LaunchPad Invents, LLC have decided to be a company that specializes in pioneering inventors. We have made a commitment that once we find that product that fits our company we will use all necessary resources and expertise to bring it to the marketplace.

I spent thousands of dollars to launch my first product. I had a "go for broke mentality". I bring that same attitude into launching your product.

All you ever pay is a one-time consultation fee of $2500.00. I am the president of the company and I make the decision whether or not to take it to the next level. I only take two calls a day so leave a message.

Remember our motto: LaunchPad Invents, LLC - Your Dreams Watch Them Take Off!!!